Tourism Provider

Customer Profile

When you run a tourism company, the major challenge is customers because majority of your customers are coming from overseas. However with only a local office, getting preferred access to clients overseas is going to be expensive if you need satellite offices all over the world.


With thousands of websites on the world wide web, being the chosen site to be recommended by a search engine becomes a daunting task. Not to mention when dealing with overseas customers, payment also becomes a sensitive topic. The customer had to solve a few things:

  • A corporate brand that gets shown by search engine when relevant keywords are searched even though the business is not in those countries of search
  • Content that captures potential client to click further and apply for a package
  • Fully secure payment gateway to build customer confidence and ensure that all regulations are met in different countries
  • Orders can be managed anytime and anywhere through a mobile device or laptop (as the client travels frequently)


From design to development, we built an e-commerce website that shows not only the details of the packages available, but communicate the experience that potential tourist will gain through these tours.

For increased security, we incorporated Stripe and Paypal as the payment gateway, one of the most secure payment protocols in the market. SSL was also implemented to prevent cross-scripting attacks.

To gain an advantage on search engines, we stay up-to-date on the latest search engine algorithm so as to always stay ahead of what these engines are looking for in a website, thus being the preferred site to be shown.

Proposed Architecture