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Our mindset

We give you the best solution to your challenges. That's it!

Insymo did not start out as a business venture. It did not start because we wanted to work in the IT sector. It started because we were told that we couldn’t solve an issue that was deemed impossible.

Our first challenge was to solve a financial consolidation issue involving 100+ entities covering 20 countries. At that time, the customer was being serviced by a huge MNC service provider which they said that it was impossible for the client to achieve. But we said:


And ever since then, we have been growing in terms of the team as well as the scope of projects that we do from Budgeting & Planning, Financial Consolidation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Visualisation, IT Infrastructure, IT Security and many more.

OUR Reach

More than 40 projects delivered

And the learning never stops! We continue to hone our skills for your benefit, so that you can stay on top of your business requirements.









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Our Vision

Why Choose us

We are not tied down by available tools and softwares. We are purely solution driven, meaning:

  • We understand the basics of the processes that we are working on as well as the tools being implemented, meaning we will not be limited by what is made available by the tools being provided, whether it is by you or by us.
  •  We do not push particular tools or softwares. We work with what is provided by you, and if recommendations are required, we suggest tools that serves you best!

Our Leadership

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