Sales Team Management

Customer Profile

Managing a team can be difficult, but monitoring their progress is tougher. It is hard to provide and assistance to your members if you cannot pin-point the members that need them. Especially when it comes to sales or any customer facing activities, speed and due-diligence need to be maximised.


Running a sales team comprising of 10 sales people and 10 inside-sales personnel can be overwhelming. In this case, the client was looking for a cost-effective ad-hoc implementation of a dashboard to easily track the performance of their sales campaign and provided asisstance where necessary. The challanges can be summarised as follows:

  • Provide a data entry system that is easy to use and minimalistic so as to not distract the employees with other requirements
  • Data needs to be streamed in real-time, the second the users input information, the management team must be able to view the outcome
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere, while being fully secure to the world wide web
  • Cost Efficient Server provision for the web and app servers
  • User access management needs to be implemented, where only the right people can view the right information


Seeing that it was an ad-hoc implementation of a solution which needs to be immediate and low-cost, we deployed a dashboard using Google Sheets integrated with Microsoft SQL. This allows for an instant and cheap solution to allow the Sales Manager to monitor performance of a sales campaign in real-time.

Information can also be shared with the marketing team to evaluate the effectiveness of individual marketing campaign by calculating the ratio of lead-to-close KPIs. It was a win-win situation for all departments involved!

Proposed Architecture