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With more than 100+ offices, joint ventures and other acquisitions all over the world, keeping the finger on the pulse of performance can be a huge challenge. To top that off, mergers and liquidations are done constantly to keep pace with economic trends, making work for the finance department around the clock.


When you’re dealing with financial statements for single entities, the tried and true Excel is the status quo. However, once you start having to deal with multiple entities with of them having unique roll-up calculations, that’s when things starts to get interesting. Some of the challenges that a client would face would be:

  • Having to design unique policies for rolling-up values which changes over time
  • Creating a system of checks and balances so that all submitted values are validated before processing
  • Systems must be integrate-able with other systems such as SAP
  • Data must be accessible by non-financial users as well


Oracle HFM is a great place to start which is also what Insymo specialises in. However we make the whole experience better creating a better designed metadata and rules which allows the Oracle System to perform better. By using dynamic calculations, we are able to bring the values you need faster and with less intervention.

On top of that, calculation time is massively reduced, so that operation lags can be reduced as well.

To top it off, we can also integrate Oracle HFM with Qlik to visualise your key KPIs right out of the gate. So forget about importing and visualising it using Excel, let us do all the work for you!

Proposed Architecture