Boutique Investment Firm

Customer Profile

When it comes to investment trading, speed and security is the name of the game. However, speed and security are two things that works against each other. When you have high security, speed will be impacted and vice versa.


Running an efficient investment firm is no easy task. If one is not careful, you end up spending too much time on repetitive paper-work task instead of helping your clients. The challenges can be summarised as follows:

  • A trade consolidation system for trade entry and trade management to carefully aggregate all necessary related to the client and trade made
  • Single Dashboard to highlight key KPIs on various trades done
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere, while being fully secure to the world wide web
  • Cost Efficient Server provision for the web and app servers
  • Everything within a single platform, for ease of access by all employees


We built the app from scratch using the latest Rails 6 framework which requires lower hardware resources to deploy, together with a dynamic front-end (ReactJS) so as to provide a useful and easy-to-use UI for the employees to use.

For the visuliazation, Qlik was integrated within the application to provide a single platform approach for user accessibility. Whatever visualisation that the client required, we were able to build and deploy immediately.

To enhance security, 2FA was implemented and tied directly to the employee’s mobile number, in which an Administrator can continue to monitor logins through an audit trail for better security.

Finally, everything was deployed on Amazon Web services, which allows everything to scale when needed and the lowest cost possible!

Proposed Architecture